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Author Unique Williams

Born and raised in Newburgh, NY, Unique A. Williams joined the U.S. Marines in 2004, to serve 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is now retired and living in Nashville, TN with his wife Jessica, kids, and service dogs.  What people don't know is that writing has always been a hobby for him. Even as a young child, Unique would conjure up stories with his imagination, even winning a short story essay competition in grade school.  

Unique has realized that he has something valuable to share with the world and turned to writing full time.  Since turning his passion into a profession, Unique A. Williams, founder of Unique Universe, is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.  It’s incredibly hard work, but the happiness, thrill, and passion for language and creation that was first discovered as a child, outweighs it all.

In The Press

In the Press

A SUPERB BOOK!  Perception by Unique Williams is a fast-paced, fascinating, and gripping story, a page-turner that keeps you captivated. I enjoyed the in-depth descriptions of scenes, nature, and characters' emotions, mainly Caleb. Williams is brilliant at bringing a story alive through vivid imagery while maintaining the reader's intrigue with an exciting plot that is suspenseful and engaging. The plot was absorbing as it skips between dreams and reality. I felt like I was going on a journey with Caleb to uncover what is real and what is merely his imagination. The success of Perception lies in the strong plot and excellent creative writing that made it effortless and a pleasure to read. Perception is a superb book with an intriguing storyline, well-written and well-conceived..

Jennie More,


A PAGE TURNER!  Deception: Caleb Fisher and the Secrets of ReinTech by Unique A. Williams is a gripping continuation to The Caleb Fisher Quest. I recommend this gripping read to those who enjoy science fiction, mystery, and thrillers. The pace is fast and will have you eagerly flipping through the pages, wanting to know what will happen to Caleb while also not wanting the book to end. I enjoyed how each chapter ended with a cliffhanger, as this encouraged me to keep reading. Plus, the book is succinct and the writing is engaging, which makes it an easy read for people who don’t like lengthy books. I also liked how more revelations kept coming to light when it seemed I had figured out what was happening. The ending of Deception: Caleb Fisher and the Secrets of ReinTech by Unique A. Williams will leave readers wanting to read book three immediately.

Gabriella Harrison, 


News and Events

News & Events



For any media inquiries, please contact Unique A. Williams:

Tel: 615-601-2771

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